Fee Schedule

Effective December 1, 2015

The rates and fees appearing in this schedule are accurate and effective for accounts as of the Effective Date indicated on this Rate and Fee Schedule. If you have any questions or require current rate and fee information on your accounts, please call the credit union.

Share Draft Fees: Price
Transfer Fee $2.00
NSF Fee $35.00
Courtesy Pay Fee $35.00
Stop Payment Fee $35.00
Stop Payment on CU Checks Fee
(over $500, must purchase an Indemnity Bond)
Share Draft Print Fee Varies
Business Share Draft Fee Varies
Other Service Fees: Price
Account Reconciliation Fee $25.00 per hour
Account Research Fee $25.00 per hour
Deposit Item Return Fee $20.00
Original Check Copy Fee $2.00
Wire Transfer Fee $25.00
Garnishment Fee $50.00
NSF ACH Fee $35.00
ACH Stop Payment Fee $35.00
Application Fee $50.00
Additional Monthly Statement Fee $3.00
Counter Check Fee $0.25
Dormant Account over 1 year $10.00 per month
Credit Union Check Fee $3.00
Credit Union Check Copy Fee $3.00
Debit Card Pin Reorder Fee $10.00
Debit Card Replacment Fee $25.00
Annual Debit Card Fee $10.00
Debit Card Close $25.00
Reopen Closed Account $25.00
Visa Late Fee/ Over Limit $39.00
Visa Gift Cards $5.00
Travel Cards $5.00
Mortgage Payoff Request $25.00
Loan Application Fee $50.00
Loan Doc Fee $35.00
Returned Mail Fee $5.00 per item
IRA Account Annual Maintance $50.00